India is a country that can give you a perfect example of unity in diversity.  No matter in which caste or creed you belong to, which region you live, which language you speak each and every festival is celebrated with equal enjoyment and merrymaking and Christmas is no exception to this.  Today hereby we will be looking at some of the best and famous places in India where you can celebrate Christmas with merriment and have a blast.  The list is a pretty long one but we will be looking at five of the famous places out of that list.  So let’s start.

  • Goa

Goa has always been well known for its beaches, blue sky and a perfect place to spend your holidays for ages, but only a few people visit here to spend their Christmas Eve.  With a Portuguese and Catholic legacy, this place lights up during the Christmas time.  With a great number of churches here, people flock in numbers to enjoy the decoration, food and offer prayers to Jesus in a grand way.  Different organizations to organize a grand party for the community with children and adults singing Christmas carol and enjoy the midnight mass.  Thousands of tourists from different parts of the world gather to spend quality time here.  So next time you plan to make your Christmas a special one do visit Goa and you can get a great discount on flight booking at this time of the year using Ticket  Goose coupons.

  • Kerala

Kerala during Christmas time is something very much special than the rest of the days.  Being well known for its good number of the Christian population, the churches offer a grand celebration on this particular day.  The streets and market places light up with candles and colorful decors and offer a great sight for tourists and for those who gather to offer their prayers to the almighty.  Throughout the night the churches remain open and people are seen flocking around the streets enjoying every bit of this festival.  Not only the Christian community but people from different religions come out to celebrate Eve with great enjoyment, good foods, and merriment.

  • Mumbai

Mumbai is always known for its fast-paced life, but when it comes to celebrating Christmas there is nothing one can take away from.  Mumbai has a good number of Christian community dwellers who make every effort to make Christmas a celebration for all to remember and cherish.  Places like Bandra, Hill Road and others are decored with stunning flowers and lights during this time and families go out to enjoy an evening in the most beautiful way.  The churches situated at different parts of Mumbai light up with candles, flowers and make way for thousands to offer their prayer.  The hotels and different places of interest open their gates for flocks to come in and enjoy.  Next time please do try to visit Mumbai during Christmas.

  • Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of joy has its own way of celebrating Christmas.  Places like Park Street, Esplanade where there is a number of churches to be found décor the whole places with lights and decors.  Thousands of people flock during the evening of Christmas to celebrate and visit different places of interest and churches to offer their prayers.  You can find out different types of cakes, pastries, and other delicious foods during this time for foodies to have a blast.  Bakeries in town have more to offer than what you would expect.  If you are looking for a perfect way to celebrate your Christmas Eve then Kolkata is one of the best places in India to be in.

  • Chennai

The city in the recent past has successfully made up its mark and added to the list of some of the finest places for celebrating Christmas in India.  The capital state of Tamil Nadu has a great history of Christian settlements from ages and thus has a good number of Christian dwellings.  Being this as one of the most primary reasons, Christmas here is celebrated in a very decorative manner with thousands of people taking part in the festive.  To make things more colorful, you can find here different types of foods, shopping plazas offering great discounts on your favorite items as a token of celebration.  Churches lit up with lights and candles offering silent prayers. You can apply for Event Coordinator Jobs to know about this field.

Thus concluding, you can easily visit the above places if you want to celebrate Christmas in a different way although there are other places in India as well here you can also enjoy the Christmas Eve in grand style.


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